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About Us

Prima Services UK Ltd. based in Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire, was initially set up to carry out small 'odd' jobs as a handyman service in 2002 with a view to helping people that felt the building trade was something quite sinister and untrustworthy. However, it very quickly became apparent that this needed to be something much more than a handyman service.

We'll undertake all aspects of property work but clearly some areas require regulatory control such as gas or some electrical work. In these instances we have very carefully selected qualified and registered partners that we use with the same approach to customer service as we have. Also, it's best to concentrate on your strengths so knowing when to call in additional help from likeminded colleagues is something we'll do to ensure the customer receives the best possible service.

Our Philosophy

Prima Services UK Ltd. has a long term approach so once we have you as a customer we want to keep you as our customer. This means that most, if not all, our work comes from repeat business or recommendations.

You won't find 'rock bottom' discount pricing here as we believe you shouldn't compromise on quality. You'll find that our pricing is fair and enables us to run a sustainable business that will be there in the future if and when you need us. Prima Services UK Ltd. was never intended to be a get rich quick opportunity, but we'll stop short of claiming to be a charity, although participating for the full 9 days of the local BBC DIY SOS in 2012 might suggest otherwise.

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